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What Events Will Happen Before 2050?

From events here on Earth to events that wil happen in space and more! Join us as we ask the question what events will happen before 2050?
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10. Countries and Land Masses
At first, this one may sound a bit…abstract. After all, don’t we already have a LOT of countries on this Earth of ours?
9. A New Pandemic?
We’re sure that this one terrifies you to a certain level, but if 2020 proved anything to us, it’s that you don’t know what to expect until it happens. There is no way that in the earliest months of 2019 we could’ve predicted this kind of pandemic would happen just over a year later, and sure enough, we’re basically a year into this global pandemic and we’re still very much picking up the pieces on things.
8. Brand New Medicines
If you were to look at medicine as it was in the 1920s and see where they are in the year 2020, you’ll see such a rapid scale improvement it would see ludicrous that people survived during the times without this medicine.
7. Sci-Fi Tech
Don’t go overboard on this one, we’re not saying that hovercars and jetpacks are going to be commonplace in our world in the year 2050, however, certain pieces of sci-fi tech are likely to come around by 2050.
6. Green Planet?
This one is honestly a bit more wishful thinking than anything else but it could happen should the right forces come into play.
5. Y2K Part 2?
If you recall the year 1999, you might remember a gigantic fear that was going on called the Y2K Bug.
In short, there was a genuine fear that when the clocks on computers around the world reset for the new millennium…it wouldn’t go and do 2000. Instead, it would be locked on “0000” because of a perceived computer glitch.
4. True Virtual Reality
Heading back to sci-fi tech, let’s single out another desired object that might just happen by 2050: true virtual reality.
3. A.I. Everywhere
Judgment Day is inevitable, and yes, we’re quoting Terminator. But while we won’t go and say (yet…) that robots are going to doom us all, we will go and say that when it comes to A.I. it’s going to be everywhere by 2050. It would honestly be incredibly shocking if it wasn’t.
2. Super-Automation
Here’s a darker element of growing technology that we’re already facing right now. The more that technology grows, the more that humans can be replaced by automated machines.
1. The Unthinkable
When it comes to predicting the future…there’s always a risk. Because in truth, you have NO idea what’s going to happen in the next however many days or months or years or decades. Which means that something that could happen by 2050…is the unthinkable.

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