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What Is Quantum Mechanics Explained

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You are currently facing one of the most important equations of all time. 
It is called the Schrödinger wave equation. 
Let me explain why it is so beautiful. 

First of all, as you can see, it is really simple. 
Usually, in the Physics world, simple and elegant formulas are the most important ones. 
Even Einstein had this strong belief: that the world and the universe could have been described by means of some…cute formulas. A well-built theory is usually visually good in terms of equations. 

As Einstein himself said:
“It can scarcely be denied that the supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience.”

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4:24 duality paradox
5:05 double-slit experiment

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