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What Is Time Explained: Does It Really Exist?

Time goes by, time is running out, we have no time, time is money…
Everybody talks about time. Nevertheless, nobody can define time without using…time!
Time is undefinable: not so much because a definition doesn’t exist, there are a lot, all equally valid in their respective fields, but properly because every possible definition is unavoidably incomplete.

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Sometimes we talk about an existing substance, independently by us, some others like a product of our consciousness which measures phenomena, some others again like a fluid flowing.
Almost every ancient civilization, discuss time in their myths. Chronos is the most famous. The interesting thing is that every culture has the same type of approach: at the beginning, there was a world without time. Time joins later and is being described as the thing that triggers a process, an evolution and since that moment you can’t get back: this is how you recognize the birth of time.
Ancient time: Aristotle and Augustine of Hippo
One of the first ones to meditate on time was Aristotle. The greek philosopher of the Hellenistic period considered it the measure of change. According to him, time doesn’t exist but comes directly from events, which is directly linked to. If nothing changes and happens, times don’t flow.

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