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What Technology Would Aliens Need To Reach Earth?

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In 2017 an extraterrestrial object entered our solar system; this object was the asteroid Oumuamua, a body that did not come from any region of the solar system but the outside. It was an interstellar object that came from outside the solar system. (10)

Some scientists like the famous particle physicist Stephen Hawking came to think that this asteroid was nothing more and nothing less than an extraterrestrial spacecraft that was visiting our solar system.

The rockets we use to get out of the earth run on solid or liquid fuel made from chemicals on the ground.

The fastest spacecraft ever created by humanity is the Parker probe studying the Sun, which reached a speed of 150 kilometers per second

In 1946 the particle physicist Stanisław Marcin Ulam who participated in the Manhattan Project proposed a novel project called “ProjectOrion” that aimed to build a spacecraft capable of reaching very high speeds with nuclear energy.

The first of these technologies would be an antimatter engine.
Antimatter, as the name implies, is a matter with charges opposite to ordinary matter. That is, if you have a negatively charged electron, an antielectron would be an electron, but with a positive charge, the opposite of the electron we know.

The first of these technologies is WarpSpeed, so you understand quickly. This idea was first presented in the famous Star Trek television series. The Enterprise ship used a curvature displacement motor to travel faster than light.

Wormholes are cracks in space-time that connect two points in the universe.

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