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What Would Be The Fate Of ISS After Russia And Ukraine Events?

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What would be the future of Iss?
Have you ever wondered how much longer will the Space Station keep functioning? Will it ever retire? And what will happen to it, after the Ukraine Crisis? The international Space station has been home to Astronauts since the year 2020. It was pretty small back then which is evident from this image of the space station taken by astronauts of expedition 1 in december 2000. Since then ISS has seen a number of astronauts from different nations come and go, conducting different microgravity experiments and advancing science. But recently things have evolved, and not in a good way. NASA announced their plan to dissolve ISS by 2031, which was never meant to stay so long. And relations between Roscosmos and NASA have degraded in the past two years, with the recent Ukraine crisis causing the future to look bleak. SO what will be the fate of the ISS? Will NASA end their partnership with Roscomosos and take over the Space station? What will replace the ISS after its end? In this video we will talk about these questions in more detail and talk about the recent announcement by NASA.
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