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What You Don’t Know About JWST And An Invitation To LUVOIR. The Search For Life Must Come First!

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If we really were alone, in the entire universe. If after centuries of searches, explorations, of long and disappointing listening… only the echo coming back from the walls of an empty room would sadly reach us from the probes: would we still be here?
At our instruments, I mean, sacrificially pursuing distant and unconscious objects?”
Well, that night I finally understood that for me astronomy, space exploration, and everything I had followed with passion until then, were just a means to get to the only thing that can give meaning to existence: the search for extraterrestrial life.
Some of my colleagues think that my attitude is rather childish, but it leaves me completely indifferent. What is important to me at this moment is to explain why I am telling you these things…
It is not a desire to be a protagonist, but only the desire to communicate my point of view on the Webb telescope… that despite what you read around is not, in my opinion, the right instrument for the study of extrasolar planets. And also on the LUVOIR Telescope, an opportunity that should not be wasted!
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