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Who Said That Space Telescopes Will Make The Future Of Astronomy? I Think Differently!

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You know what? I think there is a disturbing threat looming over the survival of observational astronomy as we know it today. A threat that we humans are obviously the cause of. Obviously.
What am I talking about? Two different problems, but they are advancing with a common front.
The first one is always the same, the usual one. It comes from very far away and has to do with the night sky, which seen from the earth’s surface appears more and more cloudy and distant.
In recent decades, human population growth, ever-larger urban areas, and daylighting of industrial and commercial infrastructure have led to an explosion in light pollution. With a scientific, cultural, and emotional loss that anyone capable of distinguishing right from wrong cannot help but find unacceptable.

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Credits: Ron Miller, Mark A. Garlick /
Credits: Nasa/Shutterstock/Storyblocks/Elon Musk/SpaceX/ESA/ESO/ Flickr

2:09 Vera rubin observatory
4:05 James webb telescope
5:31 Herschel Space Observatory
6: 01 Luvoir telescope
7:23 The old Palomar 5 meters
7:55 ELT Telescope
9:50 The European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite
16.00 Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT)
18:57 Rubin Observatory telescope
20:50 Oumuamua

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