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Why And How Elon Musk Founded SpaceX?

If you want to know more about the history of SpaceX, follow me in this video! Let’s dive into it.
It all started with an idea of a visionary man, called “Elon Musk”. 
I’m sure you’ve heard his name before, but just in case you didn’t here’s a lovely photo of him smoking during Joe Rogan Podcast:
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Musk (b.1971) is a South African-born entrepreneur with degrees in business and physics from the University of Pennsylvania—and he’s launching rockets because he just kind of decided to. That’s the short answer, and it’s not much different from the long answer. Musk has no formal training in rocketry, but he does have an eye for new markets. He made his initial fortune as a co-founder of PayPal and has since founded Tesla Motors and SolarCity—a solar energy company.
Elon’s idea was to land a miniature experimental greenhouse containing seed with dehydrated gel on Mars, to grow plants on Martian Soil, “so this would be the furthest that life’s ever travelled”, as he said. 
But he soon realized that travel to Mars would be too much expensive without a fundamental breakthrough in rocket technology.
In the early 2000s when he saw the opening NASA was created by retreating from the business of launching spacecraft to low earth orbit, he jumped into that gap, founding Space Exploration Technologies Corporation—or SpaceX—going into competition with other, generally more-established companies such as Boeing and Virginia-based Orbital Sciences. 
It was the first private company to successfully launch and return a spacecraft from Earth orbit and the first to launch a crewed spacecraft and dock it with the International Space Station (ISS). 
The company entered the arena of space industry with the Falcon 1 rocket, a two-stage liquid-fueled craft designed to send small satellites into orbit.
The Falcon 1 was vastly cheaper to build and operate than its competitors.
Part of the rocket’s cost-effectiveness was made possible by the SpaceX-developed Merlin engine, a cheaper alternative to those used by other companies. SpaceX also focused on making reusable rockets (other launch vehicles are generally made for one-time use). 
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