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Why We Need To Build A Lunar Base

There was a lot of talk about the future of space exploration, Mars and the great bases that we would certainly have built on the Moon by the end of the ’70s.
So we are back to talk about lunar bases, and to make plans for space exploration with human crews.
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So that one of the big questions of the moment, that if dragged on for a long time will risk to bog down again the whole sector, is that of “better to bet on Mars or on the Moon”? To go directly to Mars or to implant first stable bases on the Moon?
What does humanity gain by building a moon base?
Mars or the Moon, then? It’s a strategic, political and above all scientific choice.
Many think or hope that the human journey to Mars can be accomplished by 2035. However, we are talking about a demonstration mission, a “hit and run”, if not even a flyby without the satisfaction of touching the surface. A bit like Apollo 10 did with the Moon. But then a complete colony or even a very spartan base to be planted on the red planet would take decades to accomplish.
And perhaps the best way to learn how to do that is to practice on the Moon.
Today, the prospect of returning beyond low Earth orbit seems somehow more daunting, more dangerous, than it did when the Apollo program ended.
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