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Wormholes May Be Lurking In The Universe!

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I want you to think about the most exotic object you know in the universe. 
Perhaps you are thinking about a black hole or a pulsar, o maybe a peculiar binary system made of a black hole and a pulsar, which had been created by means of unexplainable physical mechanisms and laws. 
Well, all of these objects exist in our universe, and we have proof of that. For example, we know that a black hole exists right at the centre, in the nucleus of our Milky Way. 
Here’s a picture of the event horizon of the black hole M87+, in the M87 galaxy.
The existence of such objects was predicted before we had observed one. We hadn’t ever seen a black hole before the Event Horizon Telescope showed us M87+’s event horizon, and yet we somehow knew that we would have been able to see it one day because that’s what math tells us: that black holes exist. 
In fact, the existence of black holes is a consequence of the General Relativity theory. But it is not the only one. For example, we know that an object might exist, that breaks the rules of time and connects two parts of the universe, or two different universes. They have been called wormholes. 

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